Project Brief – "Haldi"

Vikram Arora

A land art installation using turmeric as medium in the snow-clad Atlas mountains of Marrakech, executed in Jan 2019.
A visual to raise awareness about the warmer temperature in the winters resulting in less snow on the Atlas Mountains. This is hurting the people who depend on tourists for their livelihood. They are being displaced due to climate change and need to look elsewhere to find jobs as the skying season is shortened. This Artwork intends to fuel social change and create awareness towards our environment.Turmeric is used as a medium to symbolically heal global warming. The forms look like a big crack/wound that needed to be nurtured. Turmeric / Haldi is one of the main ingredients used in Indian cooking. As an Indian one also learns about grandma’s home remedies very early in life. I remember as soon as i would have a wound and we needed to stop the bleeding we used to put Haldi on it.
Turmeric is known for its healing and medicinal properties all around the world.
This project is ongoing and i will be looking to execute it in more locations where climate change is already happening and causing displacement.

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