Agneta Kickan Eriksson Hilden – Sweden

Fine Artist | Architect


“Right now, I am working with a study that I started with, in Paris as a part of my study in Architecture and Art. It’s about female proportions in the grammar of Architecture. Of course in history, men’s body, and mind have been the issue. For example, who I studied in Paris was Le Corbusier, Palladio, Vitruvius, etc, the Old grammar in Architecture. I call my study, I paint, LA Modulor. The study LA Modulor is based on observations of my own body and mind in space and time. To me art and architecture, I’m educated in both, connect more and more on a deeper plane inside the human as archetypes.”

Kim Engelen – Netherlands & Germany

Photography | Video | Performance


“Mental communication that happens within… 1. I wake up and immediately my brain starts to rattle. This morning non-stop ungrateful thoughts. Shooting rockets of desire. A stupid song in my mind: “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun. And I say it’s all right Little darling.” Ugh really, a Beatles song?”

Vikram Arora – India

Painter | Performance | Installation


“My individual relationship to the subject is what I enjoy exploring the most. As I believe that we can communicate a social situation in a creative medium, which has a common semblance to the masses.”

Daniela Ament – Israel



“One is a fun work of “The Little Trainer” a boy with a dog. The second I call “Pay It Forward”, trying to express it by creating the “ball” from one thread around and around like a trail all over with pairs of hands helping, pulling, loving, and caring, hands of peace and hands of communication.”

Tehut Nine – Jamaica & U.S.A.

Writing | Performance | Poetry | Film


“Back then it was important for you to have lyrics as we called it, which basically meant you had to know how to seduce girls with words. I got my earliest practice with words attempting to do just that in those young passionate letters I often wrote. I got really interested in poetry after I graduated high school and I went back to visit Jamaica for a few weeks before I started college. My oldest brother Ras Atiba was still living there and I went to see him perform dub poetry at a local event.”

Sabina Mutsvati – Zimbabwe

Clothing | Costume Design


“I was always designing clothes on paper and never actually making them because then I wasn’t confident enough to make them but all the same I would steal my sisters sawing machine when she was at work and just practice threading the machine and just running the machine on scrapes of fabric. My first design was made of a hessian fabric and crochet and I got am amazing response from my friends and just random people in the street. From there onwards I was making clothes for myself all the clothes I made then were hand made every little stitch was by hand I had no machine. I learned to be patient and that patience made me majored in Print Making.”

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From Cannon’s Fodder To The Canon

In the advancement of my performance as a Curator, I drop the mic, halting the Creator.

As the curtain calls, I am steely focused on the ushering of Artists, their Stories, along with their Artworks to centre stage, serving to eradicate historical conjecture.

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