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News Room serves to document, collate and canonize the contributions of Cultural Practitioners, globally, using video housed in a design specific Geo-Dome or Pods spread across cities over the world.

News Room is manned and operated by a curatorial Staff from the city or country within which each is located.

The Content required from each Artist / Creator, is 24 hours of video files, documenting their creative process.

Each News Room Dome contains 48 curved video monitors, with each containing the process of each Creator.

Exhibitions in the News Room are perpetual, with each lasting for a minimum of 90 days, with seamless switches. There are four exhibitions per years.

The design of the Geo-Dome can be seen on this website. Please take a look.

We want to have domes built on established properties, such as inside Museums, (Similar to the construction of the Pyramide du Louvre) in Paris) and Institutions, Outdoors on City Properties, Private Properties, where there is an established movement of peoples, thus bringing the artists and their works directly to people who would not have otherwise gone to a museum. That serves to ignite interest in visiting museums and galleries more often or for the first time…because the news room focuses on the Process and not on the final product.

The overarching principle behind the News Room is to plug the gap within the framework of History, where Cultural ambassadors are undocumented. And it does not matter their level of fame. Also, Given that many famous artist steal ideas from artists of lesser fame; News Room serves to level the field of cultural contributions, making sure that everyone are documented no matter their race, sexuality, creed, or location on a map of the Earth.

My name is Jiivanii RedMarks, I am an Independent curator, designer and creator of News Room,
(Keyholes into the Creator’s Mind). Thank you.


Jiivanii RedMarks Copyright 2019
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From Cannon’s Fodder To The Canon

In the advancement of my performance as a Curator, I drop the mic, halting the Creator.

As the curtain calls, I am steely focused on the ushering of Artists, their Stories, along with their Artworks to centre stage, serving to eradicate historical conjecture.

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